Why is it so hard to jump on that box?!?!

Have you ever found yourself staring at the box and realizing you’re not really sure how to get up there?  

Been doing step-ups forever because you’re terrified of trying to jump all the way?

You’re not alone.  As we get a little older and work, kids, and other adult things take over, sometimes we stop doing things we did when we were younger…like jump.  

But just because your body has forgotten how to do something doesn’t mean it can’t be reminded. 

So, to get yourself back jumping on that box, here’s what you do.  Take it back to basics.  Forget about the box all together for a while.  Instead, start with a plate.  Pick whichever plate you need to start with to be able to jump onto it off both feet with no problem.

Do that A LOT.  Get really good at jumping off two feet onto that plate.  Then, and only then, should you add another plate.  Now get really good at jumping off two feet onto those two plates.  

Repeat this process over and over until you’ve built your way back up to that box.  

You can apply these same principles to most anything.  Take things back to the basics and rebuild.  You can do it, it just takes getting started!

Have a stumbling block like this that you’re having trouble getting around?  Let me know!

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