Skill Transfer

All of the movements we utilize at TBCF each day have one thing in common: they’re all functional–they prepare us to handle real-life situations.  The

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Midline Stability

Maybe the most important concept to understand for maximizing your performance and staying injury free in the gym is midline stability.  You’ve probably heard us

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 Fitness, Luck and Health

70% of annual deaths in the United States are due to chronic disease.  Heart disease and diabetes alone killed over 740,000 Americans in 2019.   But

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We’re Hosting an L1!

Our next Level 1 Seminar 1 is ALMOST sold out! If you’re interested in becoming a CrossFit coach or just gaining a deeper understanding of

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Why Squat?

Occasionally I’m asked why it’s so important that we be able to hold a comfortable bodyweight squat. I sat down to write a post answering

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